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Colors and emotions are two terms that stand for a long time in world history, especially for human beings. Even humankind made a relationship between some acts and colors. In the following chapters, this will be explained as detailed.

For now, we should concentrate on the connections between colors and emotions. As experts said, these two terms have common sources such as evolution, culture, and personal experience.

Especially curious and wanting to be understood of the environment, humankind associates critical events or objects with characteristic colors; the freshwater blue, the fresh fruit of red, green of leaves, the bear of brown. Thereby, the brain initiates a special relationship between color and emotion as color evokes emotion [1].

According to Linton and Saito, there is a linkage between some colors and several different emotions and vice versa. Firstly, the meaning of some colors will be identified at below with figuring out the particular response from our brain to these colors.

Also, the research article about emotion and color relationship results is given in the following chapters. I hope you enjoy it.


This color represents passion, aggressiveness, and importance to the customer. With the dominancy and importance of this color, customer links to both love and war. Also, darker red tends to be more powerful and the lighter one is about to be energetic brands. If you think of the brand color of CocaCola, you absolutely understand what I mean.


What a wonderful ENERGY!!!

Also, another example about red is Vodafone. Its color represents a passion to the customers. 


As a user of other telecommunication brands, the brand says to me to come with us and leave your using brand.


 Orange is the new black… ouch our topic is not a series. This color represents a playful, energetic, and the most important of all, cheap. In addition, some customers said that orange is related with health, vitality, and vibrance.


  For example Fanta, the energy and cheapness are felt right?.


Happy Tree Friends…

Yellow is a unique characteristic in our brain. It represents both happiness and anxiety. Brighter one is used for potential negative situations. Lighter one is much more related to happiness due to connection with the sun. Darker one is wealthy from gold. All of the students used brands are given at the below.


They are extremely important and useful. Life-saver brand Thanks a Lot.


Maybe this color is our first experience on earth. It represents nature, stability, and prosperity.

All the outdoor companies use this color for using this color and its connection with nature. In addition, an interesting feature of it in western cultures is representing money and financial safety. For example, American Dollars is the best example ever….


We have recognition without the name of the brand. It is an incredible process in the brain. By the way, I guess the stability meaning of the green is used the right way.


The color of trust, the feeling of safety, inspiring security.

The financial brands use this color for its meaning. Also, we used this color for friendship. Do you understand what I mean? Twitter and Facebook of course. These brands use this color for two reasons such as it can represent inviting purpose, and also friendly purpose.  


With 330 million active users, twitter is one of the biggest social media apps and designs their color with respect to the power of colors.


Luxury, mystery, romance, royalty…

This color represents opposite of the orange one. Especially, in history, the byzantian empire used this color to represent its luxurious and royalty to the others. 

Twitch showed rapid increase as including streaming channels. Luxury and royalty can be used as the definition of this logo.



Formal, sophisticated, importance, power

Western cultures think that the color of black represents death, sadness, and mourning. Also, the teenagers use this color for representing rebellion. Also, some of them said when a person wears black, it turns him/her to mysterious characteristics. Some brands use this color for its power and importance like Chanel, Adidas, Nike.



Sorry for representing this with white. At least, we know it’s white don’t we?.

Purity, Clean, Healthy

Generally, it is used as a secondary color to gain power to brands like Tesla, Vodafone…  In addition, whole white colored brands represent the simplicity to their customers like apple.

For black and white combo brands, both clean, both powerful, there is an incredible chemistry between these colors.


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