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Deviceless Neurotechnologies

Eye-Tracking or Decision-Tracking?

Eye-Tracking or Decision-Tracking? Recent researches suggest that eye-tracking and decision-making have some correlations. Our interests and desires are important for decision-making. While we like something, our eyes speak. Like a popular quote from one of the most famous movies “Scare Face”: “The eyes

Contactless Heart Rate Measurement

The photoplethysmography (PPG) which means heart-rate pulsation is generally measured on a finger or an ear using contact sensors. The recent several studies using web-cam to measure PPG have been introduced under the desktop or mobile computing environment including service

The Emotions in Your Eyes

Pupils Reflect The Emotions We collect information from our eyes and transmit it to the brain, which is the extension of the brain to the outside world. This sent information (images) is processed in the brain and produces output. The

Emotions Can Be Detected In the Air

Emotions in The Air In daily life, people have tried to understand emotions from gestures, mimics, or facial expressions however, some of them can betray no emotion to be strong. However, the more you work your emotion in a scientific