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Deviceless Neurotechnologies

Emotional Versus Rational Thinking

In the journey of our buying decision-making, we are sometimes attempted to buy first and then find reasons for the purchase afterwards. This is related to the two basic ways of thinking: logical thinking and emotional thinking. Let’s find out

Colors & Emotion: What is the percentage of colors on our emotion

  Colors and emotions are two terms that stand for a long time in world history, especially for human beings. Even humankind made a relationship between some acts and colors. In the following chapters, this will be explained as detailed.

Is Your Social Brain Alone?

Feeling close to other people encourage being healthy while feeling disconnected from them might compromise physical and mental health. No matter what age you are, people need other people to share their ideas, emotions, and to feel happy as well.

Neuromarketing 101

Neuroscience is a major of life science that explores the mystic features of the brains as investigating the nervous system. Whole knowledge about modern neuroscience has begun in the early 1900s. Today, the unknowns are getting known every day. Generally,

The Emotions in Your Eyes

Pupils Reflect The Emotions We collect information from our eyes and transmit it to the brain, which is the extension of the brain to the outside world. This sent information (images) is processed in the brain and produces output. The