We use our eyes to make sense of the environment that surrounds us. As we gather our attention at a specific point, our gaze maps occur. In other words, we tend to look at specific points more than others. You might ask a question like “What is the difference between the points that we look […]

Table of Contents The role of emotions in advertising should not be overlooked. Advertisings with more emotional responses lead to up to 30% more sales. In order to achieve maximum efficiency in your ad campaigns, you need to start taking the feelings of your target groups more seriously. We experience many different occasions on daily […]

In our daily lives, we encounter many situations that require us to make a selection. Think about seeing five dogs coming up while you are walking down the street. Would you be able to look at all the dogs at the same time or would you focus only on one dog that grabs your attention […]

What is Advertising Effectiveness? Advertising effectiveness helps organizations to analyze whether their advertising is connecting with their target demographic and generating the greatest results. This mainly helps them to assess the strengths, limitations, and return on investment of certain campaigns. In this way, they can make necessary adjustments. Customers started to have control over and […]