Analyze how the focus groups react to particular scenes of your ads.

Cinema & TV

Find out how your target audience will react to specific scenes and delete unwanted ones from your movies.

UX Design Tests

Evaluate frasturation levels of the user on the spesific tasks.


We offer a full range of Emotion Recognition services

It's easy to synchronize your inputs with the emotions of your target group!

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State of the art emotion classification

We can detect most of the emotions from Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, a standard emotional reference tool in medicine and psychology.

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emotySync Features

Real time Emotion and Video Synchronization

Where to cut your media?

Find out where exactly your target group starts to lose their focus.

Age and Gender Analysis

See how different age and gender profile reacts to your content.

Filter out opposite emotions

It's possible to filter scenes which are inducing unwanted effects.


Our Wearables

We believe emotion data should be collected at a state that as comfortable as possible. Hence, our smooth design makes you feel forget about you are wearing a bunch of biomedical sensor.


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When there is a change in ones emotional state, skin creates ionic activity in the sweat glands. We are using an EDA(also known as GSR) sensor to capture this electrodermal activity in your skin. emoty.AI uses state of the art deep learning techniques to make sense of the raw data. We are not only capturing the peaks and abnormalities in EDA but also classifying these measures into more than 20 emotions.

We are producing our own EDA and PPG sensors. These sensor are embedded in our smart band. After the data is encrypted on the device its being sent to our data stream pipeline for the classification.

We offer both generalized and industry-specific emotion classifcation. There are some additional exclusive classes depending on the sector. For instance, we also measure ‘cravingness’ for our advertisement model.

Please feel free to e-mail us at info@emoty.ai or fill the form below. Our support team will contact you as soon as possible!

We offer both B2B and SaaS emotion recognition solutions. Our main focus is on advertisement, cinema and UX design industry. However, you may also request to use our emotion classification API with your own EDA / PPG streams.

Both of the smart band and the video player connected to our encrypted cloud service. After initial readings, our desktop app simulates the gsr readings fetched from the service, while the user playing the video.

We can detect most of the emotions from Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions, a standard emotional reference tool in medicine and psychology. We are constantly improving our model to be able to classify more emotion!

Unfortunately we don’t sell the smart band for the end users. However, if you are interested in our services for comercial reasons, please feel free to contact use via the form below.

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B2B & SaaS Emotion Recognition Solutions


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