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Deviceless Neurotechnologies


We are cracking the human behavior through AI.

All in One Affective Toolkit
for Developers and Businesses

Micro Expressions

Take your applicationts to the next level with the power of recognizing very subtle facial expressions.

Eye Tracking

Eyes can tell a different story! Find out where your users are looking on the screen.

Heart Rate

Accesing to the vital signs of the users has never been easier. Touch their hearts with a single line of code!

Face Verification

Integrate our facial recognition system to your applications to verify user identity.

Pose Detection

Facial orientations are important! Check if your users are looking at the screen as you want.

Stress Analysis

No body want to stress out their users! We can help you detect the stress levels of your users.

Pupil Analysis

Eyes never lie! You can reach true level of biometrics more than ever using our affective toolkit.

Audio Analysis

Sometimes you don't have visual data for affective computing. Our all-in-one solution get you covered.1

Text Analytics

Classifying emotions in the textual data will help you organize your target users immensly.

No Device Needed

Easy To Scale

Our serverless deployment can scale with your business needs.

No Setup Fees

It works without the need of any hardware. We offer hassle-free measurements.

High Accuracies

Low Error Rate

Deviceless shouldn't mean lower accuracy! Our state of the art models gets you to the device-level of accuracies.

Fast Response

We work with industry experts to serve you with the best architecture!

Seamless Integration

No Internet Needed

Integrate our data privacy compliant SDK to your applications running on private servers.

High FPS

Reaching high fps responses will increase the quality of the measurement.

Our State of the Art Neurotechnologies
Powering the Boldest Brands

Easy-to-use API that can scale with your business
Cloud-based reports accessible in real-time
Fast response times
Technical support for the integrations
No setup fees
Offline integrations

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